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Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, with your bed taking centre stage. A space completely unique to you, it should transport you to a place of complete serenity, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, where you can sleep beautifully, relax and indulge in some precious ‘me-time’.

Whether you feel at home surrounded by nature, the latest fashions, or you dream of life in a fairy tale kingdom, let this be your inspiration to choose your ideal bed and transform your bedroom into your perfect haven.

Urban Luxe

To introduce sophisticated hotel chic into the bedroom, colour and texture are key, with high gloss and metallic furnishings an excellent starting point to introduce luxury into the space.

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Into the blue

Blue is very much the colour of the moment, and our fondness for the serene hue looks set to continue in 2018 and beyond. Great for creating a sense of peace and tranquillity, this colour can work wonders in any space, as the wide spectrum of shades works harmoniously together.

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Natural Serenity

We’re all living increasingly technology-dependent lives, and the trend for bringing elements of the outside in has continued to grow in popularity as we look to reconnect with nature.

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Colour Clash

Although minimalism will always remain popular amongst homeowners, colourful self-expression in the world of interiors is well and truly on the rise reflecting optimism and vitality. The clash of decadent textures, rich hues and eclectic patterns takes centre stage.

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Boho Luxe

Shimmering silver hues reminiscent of a starry night sky, coupled with an eclectic mix of distressed wooden furniture and luxurious gold metallic and white ornamental accessories, gives an edgier yet lavish boho look.

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The industrial look is the ultimate in modernist sophistication. Exposed beams and bricks paired with elements of aged timber and dazzling copper metalwork create a sanctuary for the ultimate city dweller.

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Boutique hotel

Decadent and sophisticated, an opulent colour palette of warm teal and exotic lime, accented by crisp white accessories, creates an appearance influenced by luxurious boutique hotels from around the world.

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Ornate Revival

Decadent and bold, a revival of Victorian influences subtly curated to bring elements of the era through a modernist eyes.

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Soft Hues

Beauty that is simple, soft and feminine, this understated style is a gentle lullaby for your room. Romancing light pastel hues that fold into one another, from a spectrum of silver greys to blushed pinks and complemented with copper.

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The botanists sketch book set free in a living space, taming natural elements by design and adding the structure of topiary within the bedroom. The style opens its doors to all the lush greens of the English garden and the beautiful burnt oranges of the sunset.

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Warm and rich in natural materials a simple bohemian style that invokes natures elements harnessed by master craftsmanship.

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Frivolous, bold, and wild. This look is over stated and argumentative with colour. With Plums, mustards and teals making impact on the palette.

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