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Sleep sustainably wake up Beautifully

At Hypnos, we take our responsibility for helping you to sleep well and wake up feeling rejuvenated very seriously. We have a passion for working with the finest natural and sustainable materials to handcraft beautifully stylish beds and supremely comfortable mattressesPlanetMark that help enhance your health and wellbeing.

As a trusted supplier to some of the worlds’ finest homes, palaces and hotels, we provide the highest levels of quality and integrity whilst pioneering, sustainable and ethical bed making. We believe sleep shouldn't cost the earth!

So, what are you waiting for? Discover a tailor-made bed that’s just right for you and wake up on a Hypnos bed and feel good for all the right reasons.

Comfort with integrity

It goes without saying that comfort and support is at the core of each and every bed we make, but something else lies at the heart of our beds too – sustainability. Each bed is handmade in England using over 100 years of knowledge and passion in design and craftsmanship to build the most comfortable, stylish and sustainable beds our customers have ever owned.

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Inspired by Nature

We responsibly source the finest natural and sustainable materials, like wool from Red Tractor assured farms, to offer the perfect blend of supreme comfort and temperature control. Our beds are free of chemical-based foams and are 100% recyclable. So, when you buy a Hypnos bed, you’re not just investing in your health, you're also investing in the health of the planet.

Perfectly handcrafted British beds
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Hypnos sends you to sleep

Since the moment we slept on one of Hypnos's mattresses, me and my wife knew we had to obtain one for home, so comfortable and luxurious, well worth investing, have never slept better

Mr & Mrs J Anderson - September 2021

* * * * *

Lovely bed and mattress

Lovely bed and mattress. It’s a beautiful bed and so so comfortable. A wonderful nights sleep in this lovely bed.

Melita Acton - August 2021

* * * * *

Very supportive, so comfortable

Very supportive so comfortable and Very well made. Best night's sleep for a very long time. Well worth the money.

Mrs. Hill - August 2021

* * * * *

Great from purchase to sleep

Great from purchase to sleep. The retailer was very knowledgeable about the products and really helped us in making our choice. Arrived exactly when promised, and taken to the bedroom with no fuss or trouble. But lots of smiles. And now we are having the best nights sleep we have had in a long time.

Peter Waters - August 2021

* * * * *

Great mattress.

Every mattress is handmade to order, but delivered on time. Well worth the wait. Great mattress. Well worth the extra money.

Mr Andrew Dobson - July 2021

* * * * *

Cotton Origins 7 mattress

I got the Cotton Origins 7 mattress and it is really comfortable. The best sleep I’ve had in years! It’s very well made and so I know it will last therefore I don’t mind paying for that quality.

Deborah Howell - June 2021

* * * * *

The best bed I’ve ever slept on

The best bed I’ve ever slept on. I was so comfortable I didn’t want to get out of bed in the morning!

Penny Hollander - June 2021

* * * * *

Best ever purchase

Bought a Hypnos mattress to replace a memory foam mattress. I have slept much better since the purchase, very comfortable and no more back ache. Would definitely recommend.

Angela Hampson - June 2021

* * * * *

Bed Rest

The new mattress was expertly delivered and what a difference it made from the first night - so comfortable that a good night's sleep was guaranteed. Very pleased with the service especially as the mattress was ready ahead of the projected date.

Colin Brothers - June 2021

* * * * *

Simply the most comfortable bed

Simply the most comfortable bed I've ever owned. I have been promising myself this mattress for nearly 2 years (Aurora Pillowtop) after experiencing one in a hotel. My previous mattress was a very costly memory foam which just can't compete with the total luxury and comfort level of a Hypnos.

S. Levy - June 2021

Experience Hypnos Our Retailers

Find the Hypnos collections in leading independent bed and furniture retail outlets. Where Hypnos is stocked, you’ll find expert advice and service from sleep experts, who can help you choose and specify the perfect bed, mattress, storage features and design accents.


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