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Everyone has personal design and style preferences, Hypnos has developed a range of upholstery fabrics that enable headboards and divans to be tailored to the individuals style and to their interior bedroom decor. Match the divan fabric of your chosen bed with the headboard fabric for a striking look.

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TM8 fabric samples@2x

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Bespoke fabric service

Hypnos also offers a bespoke fabric service which enables customers to supply their own upholstery fabric allowing unique handcrafted headboards to be made to blend or contrast with the colours, patterns and textures in your bedroom.

fabric samples@2x

Click on the images to enlarge, and select up to eight fabrics to receive samples. Sample requests are available for delivery to UK only, usually processed within 24 hours and sent via first class post.

Brooklyn 202 Morello 500px

Brooklyn 202 Morello

Brooklyn 704 Mauve 500px

Brooklyn 704 Mauve

Brooklyn 703 Lilac 500px

Brooklyn 703 Lilac

Brooklyn 613 Denim 500px

Brooklyn 613 Denim

Brooklyn 500 Khaki 500px

Brooklyn 500 Khaki

Brooklyn 505 Mint 500px

Brooklyn 505 Mint

Brooklyn 610 Smoke 500px

Brooklyn 610 Smoke

Brooklyn 903 Shell 500px

Brooklyn 903 Shell

Brooklyn 609 Ink 500px

Brooklyn 609 Ink

Brooklyn 800 Midnight 500px

Brooklyn 800 Midnight

Hypnos Fabric Sample Imperio 802 Dark Grey 500px

Imperio 802 Dark Grey

Hypnos Fabric Sample Imperio 600 Light Grey 500px

Imperio 600 Light Grey

Hypnos Fabric Sample Imperio 805 Grey 500px

Imperio 805 Grey

Imperio 901 Cream 500px

Imperio 901 Cream

Hypnos Fabric Sample Imperio 903 Stone 500px

Imperio 903 Stone

Daytona grey

Daytona Grey

Daytona Pebble

Daytona Pebble

Daytona Stone

Daytona Stone

Daytona Coal

Daytona Coal

Daytona Silver

Daytona Silver

Daytona Ocean

Daytona Ocean

Hypnos Fabric Sample Linoso 600 Sky 500px

Linoso 600 Sky

Hypnos Fabric Sample Linoso 801 Slate 500px

Linoso 801 Slate

Hypnos Fabric Sample Linoso 803 Brown 500px

Linoso 803 Brown

Maestro 1007 Latte 500px

Maestro 1007 Latte

Maestro 1023 Caramel 500px

Maestro 1023 Caramel

Maestro 1024 Spice 500px

Maestro 1024 Spice

Maestro 1035 Thistle 500px

Maestro 1035 Thistle

Maestro 6007 Carbon 500px

Maestro 6007 Carbon

Maestro 6021 Granite 500px

Maestro 6021 Granite

Maestro 6101 Aqua 500px

Maestro 6101 Aqua

Maestro 6131 Turquoise 500px

Maestro 6131 Turquoise

Maestro 9020 Oatmeal 500px

Maestro 9020 Oatmeal

Maestro 9022 Hessian 500px

Maestro 9022 Hessian

Maestro 9033 Powder 500px

Maestro 9033 Powder

Maestro 9034 Orchid 500px

Maestro 9034 Orchid

Premium 203 Rich Claret 500px

Premium 203 Rich Claret

Premium 400 Antique Gold 500px

Premium 400 Antique Gold

Premium 501 Emerald Green 500px

Premium 501 Emerald Green

Premium 502 Tourmaline

Premium 502 Tourmaline

Premium 600 Granite Blue

Premium 600 Granite Blue

Premium 601 Glacier Blue 500px

Premium 601 Glacier Blue

Premium 606 Royal Navy 500px

Premium 606 Royal Navy

Premium 800 Smokey Quartz

Premium 800 Smokey Quartz

Premium 804 Crystal Grey

Premium 804 Crystal Grey

Premium 805 Pewter Haze 500px

Premium 805 Pewter Haze

Premium 806 Simply Zinc 500px

Premium 806 Simply Zinc

Premium 807 Silver Skies 500px

Premium 807 Silver Skies

Premium 900 White Opal

Premium 900 White Opal

Premium 901 Sandstone Pearl

Premium 901 Sandstone Pearl

Premium 903 Misty Moonstone

Premium 903 Misty Moonstone

Premium 904 Warm Onyx

Premium 904 Warm Onyx

Premium 905 Vintage Champagne 500px

Premium 905 Vintage Champagne

Premium 910 Soft Taupe 500px

Premium 910 Soft Taupe

Hypnos Fabric Sample Tweed 400 Mustard 500px

Tweed 400 Mustard

Hypnos Fabric Sample Tweed 601 Dark Green 500px

Tweed 601 Dark Green

Hypnos Fabric Sample Tweed 700 Rose 500px

Tweed 700 Rose

Hypnos Fabric Sample Tweed 801 Charcoal 500px

Tweed 801 Charcoal

Hypnos Fabric Sample Tweed 803 Grey 500px

Tweed 803 Grey

Hypnos Fabric Sample Tweed 805 Stone 500px

Tweed 805 Stone

Zenith 200 Blush 500px

Zenith 200 Blush

Zenith 210 Raspberry 500px

Zenith 201 Raspberry

Zenith 501 Palm 500px

Zenith 501 Palm

Zenith 903 Snow 500px

Zenith 903 Snow

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The fabric samples are approximately 90mm by 100mm

You have 8 samples remaining

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