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Be inspired by Atlantis The Royal, Dubai - Redefining Luxury

We are proud to showcase the luxurious sleep experiences we've created for boutique hotels and international chains all over the world! Our latest collaboration is with the new iconic landmark of Dubai, Atlantis The Royal, which introduces guests to an experience that will completely redefine their perspective of luxury.


Crafted by the world’s leading designers, architects, and artists, this destination is simply awe-inspiring. Guests are taken on a journey of the impossible, with artful masterpieces and beautiful craftsmanship at every turn, where the highest level of service sets a new standard in excellence.   Home to a collection ofText Image 1.png the most elegant hotel rooms and suites in Dubai, it features luxurious bespoke-made Hypnos mattresses for the whole resort with stunning views of the Dubai skyline and Arabian Sea - selected Suites and Signature Penthouses even have their own private infinity pools.

The interior design of Atlantis The Royal centres on the notion of water and water-based moments throughout the property. Soaring 43 storeys (185 metres above sea level), the interiors represent the absolute pinnacle of modern contemporary opulence, embodying illuminating materials and hand-sculpted textures, leathers and geometrics to frame walls.   The theme of each guestroom and suite continues the connection with water but in a more refined and abstract way.  From the soft lines of the sofa, to the undulating blues and turquoise of the carpet, guests are gently enveloped by the water theme.

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Each room evolves the water theme to become more dramatic, the higher up the building guests go. From the gentle blues of the Seascape room, to the shimmering pearls of a Horizon Penthouse, all the way up to the dramatic hues of orange and red coral-coloured walls of the Panoramic Penthouse.


Please note that the beds we create for hotels are not exactly the same as the ones that individual customers can choose or commission, but they share all of our hallmarks.  All of our beds are designed and crafted by our sleep experts based on a century of bed-making heritage. We build in supreme comfort, durability and luxurious design, for an exceptional sleeping experience.

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