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Hypnos creates a wildflower meadow with the Chiltern Rangers

Hypnos lies in Princes Risborough, at the heart of the beautiful Chiltern hills. Over the last few years, Hypnos have encouraged a ‘wild’ approach to their outdoor space, working with partners Chiltern Rangers to encourage wildlife by introducing woodpiles, bat and birdboxes but importantly transforming the business’ front garden into a nature corridor with wildflowers.


Introducing wildflowers to what was a well-tended lawn takes some time to cultivate and we are now intoIMG_0069.png our third year. This Spring, our wellie-wearing army of ten Hypnos volunteers together with some locals, were led by Clemency Bathurst of Chiltern Rangers.

The team got stuck in with many tasks, some of which were mowing the lawn, clearing rubbish, planting the wildflower seeds and plants and building a fence around the perimeter. They also benefited from the Chiltern Ranger's advice on the type of wildflowers and how they can transform their own gardens locally.

Did you know? Wildflower meadows have declined by 97% since the end of World War 2.

potted_plants.jpgAs well as improving the overall look of the garden it is now a habitat for native flora and fauna. The daffodils, log piles and cherry blossom trees nearby, allow for birds and insects to further colonise the area and pollinate the flowers each year. Bees were already buzzing around the wildflowers that had recently been planted. We look forward to watching the area change. Whether viewing from a window or enjoying more up close and personal, this garden provides a moment of tranquillity for everyone to enjoy.

Gardening has been shown to benefit our physical and mental health, with many studies finding it significantly reduces depression and anxiety and improves social functioning. Our volunteers loved spending the day outdoors!  

These projects highlight how individuals can come together to improve both the environment and local communities. We look forward to our continued partnership with the Chiltern Rangers and the many other events planned for this year!


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To find out more more information about the Chiltern Rangers, please click here.