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Our Sustainability Partner

At Hypnos, we want to create true comfort with integrity which is why we only work with ethical and sustainable partners who are as committed to helping combat climate change as we are.

Our approach has always been to make a positive environmental and social impact on the world around us, so we’re incredibly proud to work with the team at the Eden Project.

This incredible educational charity and social enterprise shares our like-minded approach to local community support, sustainable living education, conservation, as well as developing sustainable products - by building relationships between people and the natural world, we can demonstrate the power of working together for the benefit of all living things.

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The Eden Project is a global movement working with nature to respond to the planetary emergency. How? As a growing movement of global citizens, they aim to get things done in three main ways:

o   Respect the natural world and demonstrate that people are part of ‒ not apart from ‒ nature

o   Protect wild places and enable them to thrive

o   Repair damaged spaces that need to be fixed

Over twenty years ago, they took a disused clay pit in Cornwall and transformed it into a beacon of hope that has been visited by millions. They continue to engineer moments of change by transforming negatives into positives. And they're now scaling up our response to the planetary emergency by developing new Eden Project destinations, as well as wild site environmental and social regeneration projects around the world, to benefit both the land and those who live on it.

Healthy planet, healthy people.

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Hypnos works closely with the Eden Project to help educate our employees, retailers, and our customers on sustainability and caring for the environment around us.  Money raised from endorsed Hypnos products -  the Eden Project and Organic Collection -  supports transformational projects and learning programmes.  

Hypnos' sustainability and carbon neutral journey began over a decade ago and is ever-evolving.  Our partnership means we work collaboratively with the Eden Project to help support local charities, schools and community projects that tackle poverty, conservation and regeneration; all things that are part of our Force for Good strategy which puts nature, people and the planet first.

'At Hypnos we’re passionate about not only neutralising our impact on the planet but actually helping to regenerate it, which is why we’ve pledged our support to the brilliant Eden Project.' 


James Keen, CEO - Hypnos Beds


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Money raised for the Eden Project supports transformational projects and learning programmes. Thank you for your support.

Registered charity number 1093070 (The Eden Trust).

Search. Join. Act.       edenproject.com


We do so much to ensure we’re as environmentally friendly as possible that we can’t fit it all on our website. If you’d like to learn more about what we do please download our Sustainability Progress Report.



The Hypnos Difference

We strive to make the world a better place through our dedication to sustainably-designed and innovative products, green initiatives and support of our local communities.