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5 tips to sleep beautifully this spring

The nights are getting lighter and spring is in full swing so now's the perfect time to give your home a good spring clean, and that includes your bedroom!


From keeping clutter at bay, to brightening up your space, here are our top tips for creating your perfect spring haven:

Clear the clutter

With summer on its way, light and airy is the mantra for a comfortable bedroom. If you’re investing in a new bed, consider one with easy-to access hidden storage in the divan – from shoes and clothes to bedding, you’d be surprised how much you can hide away!

Clean out the cobwebs

 as with the rest of the house, your bedding also needs aUntitled design (2).png thorough clean to ensure it remains germ, dust and mite-free. Wash or dry clean your duvets and pillows every two to three months for ultimate freshness.

Banish the blankets

Now that winter is over, you can pack away your blankets! If you used a heavier tog duvet over the colder months, swap it for a lighter one – around 9 or 10.5 is a good weight for summer. Try using a cotton sheet under your duvet if you still need a little extra warmth.

Lighten up

Swap rich, deep coloured bedding for lighter, more neutral tones and textures. This will instantly transform the look of your room from a winter cocoon to a spring haven without having to change the décor.



Finally, don’t forget to rotate your mattress to refresh and awaken those sumptuous, natural layers of filling. Turning and rotating will refresh the sleeping surface, minimise body impressions and give you the beautiful feeling of a new mattress.

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