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Pillow Top

Pillow Top Classic

  • 6-Turn ReActivePro™ with Triple Edge Protection™
  • 2 Fleeces of British Wool, Himalayan Allo, Kapok. RWS Certified Wool, eOlus™ Fibre Layer
  • 2 rows of genuine hand side-stitching
This Mattress Feels:*
Medium Soft
*Mattress feel can be customised depending on the choice of spring tensions (Comfort Level Options) available. Comfort level is highly subjective so we always recommend you try out your preferred mattress in-store before purchase.

Product Overview

The Pillow Top Classic features a plush pillow top with sustainable, breathable fibres. Handcrafted with layers of Solotex™, up to two fleeces of wool traceable to British farms and certified to the Responsible Wool Standard, whilst the Adaptiv™ comfort springs flex to your body movements.

This pillow sits atop a deep layer of Himalayan allo, kapok and cotton to provide a sumptuous feel.

This mattress features a ReActivePro™ 6-turn pocket springs that independently senses your shape and weight distribution and provides Triple Edge Protection™ enabling use of the whole surface area of the mattress.

Finishing touches

The woven Hypnos signature sleep cover on the mattress is infused with a treatment derived from natural extracts to meet fire retardancy standards.

Designed and crafted for comfort and relaxation, each and every luxury mattress is made bespoke to you and is meticulously hand built. You will never own a more comfortable and more beautiful bed.


2 Fleeces of British Wool, Himalayan Allo, Kapok. RWS Certified Wool, eOlus™ Fibre Layer

10 Year Guarantee


King Size


Example UK standard sizes listed. Hypnos crafts every mattress to order in any size, but if you require a custom size or shape our experts will handcraft a bespoke mattress to suit your needs.


We recommend this mattress is matched with a deep, sprung divan base to provide a supremely luxurious feel. This mattress is not suitable for bedsteads where the gap between slats is greater than 7.5cm.



Discover more about our sustainable tailor-made mattresses, designed to provide a relaxing and rejuvenating night's sleep. Wake up feeling good for all the right reasons.

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Delighted with our Hypnos bed. Hazel - April 2024
When replacing our bed and mattress four months ago the only thing we knew for certain was that it would NOT be a memory foam mattress. We visited various stores over a weekend and realised Hypnos was our preferred brand. The firm mattress was perfect for us and the extra two small drawers in the base were a bonus. It has been so comfortable from day one, so no regrets!
Great mattress, good price! AJ - March 2024
I bought my Hypnos mattress through a local furniture store, and was very pleased with the customer service. The mattress itself is a definite step up from our old one in both size and comfort, and at a price I’m also pleased with. Additionally, the sustainable, British-made materials are a big plus.
First time owners! Stuart - March 2024
First-time owners of a Hypnos mattress and now getting the best night's sleep ever!
The perfect bed! Melinda - February 2024
I ended up purchasing Hypnos Luxury Wool No.1 Pocket Spring Mattress, Medium/Firm and it is perfect! I have now had it for almost 3 months and I sleep through every night. I no longer have a sore back when I wake up. This bed is well made and so comfortable. I highly recommend it. I can't fault it. 10/10
Great sleep! Janet - February 2024
Delivered two weeks early which was great. Best thing purchased this year, we have been having fabulous nights sleep. The combined topper makes the mattress very comfortable and keeps the warmth in. Hope it will be good for the summer too. Definitely recommend this product well worth the price.

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