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Cypress Firm

  • 1215 Steel-Encased 13.75-Guage Pocket Spring
  • New Zealand Wool and Cashmere Blend
  • Silk, Wool & Cashmere Blend

From its high-density coil construction to its New Zealand natural wool, the Cypress Firm provides an exquisite night's sleep. The natural fibers in the bed give it a luxurious feel and efficiently wick away moisture. This is a bed fit for royalty.

Each and every luxury mattress is meticulously hand-built to bring you comfort, relaxation and pleasure. You will never own a more comfortable and more beautiful bed.

  • New Zealand Wool and Cashmere Blend – These materials naturally regulate temperature and wick away moisture. We add the perfect blend of these two natural fibers to the quilt to keep you comfortable, cool and dry.
  • PLA Corn Densified Fiber Pad - Natural and sustainable, our plant-derived polylactide (PLA) densified fiber support pad is made from corn and provides optimal mattress support in the upholstery layer while eliminating the need for polyurethane foam.
  • Natural Cotton & Wool Fiber Blend - Lightweight, natural cotton is hypoallergenic, recyclable, and biodegradable. It keeps your sleeping environment fresh without the use of chemicals, while wool helps wick heat and moisture away from your body.
  • Silk, Wool & Cashmere Blend - This blend of fibers naturally regulates temperature and wicks away moisture.
  • 1215 Steel-Encased 13.75-Guage Pocket Spring - The high-density coil construction offers a firmer, deep-down support, more airflow, and ensures optimum support across the surface for proper spinal alignment.
  • Recycled Densified Fiber Pad - The recycled densified fiber pad is made from 60% recycled bottles and provides optimal mattress support.
Side stiching spotlight

Hand Side Stitching

Rows of hand side stitching on your mattress will help support the sides of the mattress and prevent sagging, allowing you to utilize the entire sleeping surface of the mattress.

Hand tufting spotlight

Outer Tufting

The mattress is fully outer tufted by hand, securing the upholstery layers to ensure that they will not settle or shift over time.

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20-Year Warranty

Our unsurpassed 20-year, non-prorated warranty validates the quality of our materials and our craftsmanship.

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