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Frequently asked questions

Below you'll find a number of questions most frequently asked by our customers. If you have a question which is not listed, please do get in touch with us and we'll do everything we can to help.

I have a problem with my Hypnos bed, what do I do?

Hypnos provides a 10 year guarantee on its retail beds. Please see our full guarantee details. In order to register your concern you will need to report the problem in writing to the retailer from whom you purchased the bed and they will handle your guarantee claim on your behalf. Should your retailer no-longer be in business then please contact our customer service team on 01844 348200 and have the following available - proof of purchase, including date of purchase, product name and size plus description of problem.

When will my guarantee cease to apply?

The guarantee will cease to apply when the bed is older than 10 years or if Hypnos finds that during the guarantee period any one of the following has occurred: (1) The product is found to have been mistreated or damaged; (2) The product has not been maintained in accordance with the care instructions supplied - this includes mattresses not being turned or rotated as recommended; (3) A new mattress has been used with an old or damaged divan or bedstead that is deemed to be of unsuitable quality; (4) The mattress has been used on a slatted support system within a bedstead with slats more than 3" (7.5cm) apart.

Can I have any mattress zipped and linked?

Other than pillow top models, Hypnos is able to manufacture any bed as a Zip and Link bed. This provides the flexibility to provide a mattress with two different tensions, allowing you and your partner to enjoy a different and tailored level of comfort and support where appropriate. For extra versatility split a large bed into two single beds when needed. The divans are discretely linked at the head and foot of the bed allowing the mattresses to be zipped together along their full length for easy and fast conversion. The standard sizes for Zip and Link beds are King Size (150 x 200cm = 2 x 75cm wide mattresses), Super King Size (180 x 200cm = 2 x 90cm wide mattresses) and our largest standard size 200 x 200cm = 2 x 100cm wide mattresses.

Can I put any Hypnos mattress onto a slatted bedstead?

All of our mattresses are compatible with a NEW slatted bedstead; you must however ensure that the slats on the bedstead are no more than 3.0” (7.5cm) apart and that there is a central support rail on ‘Double’ sizes (135 x 190cm, approx. 4’6 x 6’3) or over. Generally slatted bedsteads will give a mattress a firmer feel, it is therefore important when you are trying Hypnos mattresses to check what style base the mattress is sitting on, bearing in mind that a mattress displayed on a sprung divan base will feel firmer when it is placed onto solid slats.

How frequently should I turn my Hypnos mattress?

The majority of Hypnos mattresses should be turned ‘Seasonally’ once every 3-4 months – at this time we recommend that you turn and rotate the mattress. We would also suggest that for the first 3 months of use the mattress is rotated and flipped weekly just to encourage an even settlement of the high quality fillings. Your retailer will be able to advise you if your mattress is not a Seasonal turn mattress.

My mattress has developed a slight hump in the centre is this normal?

Due to the high volume of quality fillings used in Hypnos mattresses there will be a period of time where the mattress fillings are settling down. This will inevitably happen where weight is applied, which will generally be where you sleep - as this is not normally in the centre, this will be the last place the mattress settles. To speed up the settlement of the mattress in the centre it is advisable to turn and rotate the mattress over as frequently as possible, and wherever possible use the centre of the mattress this will help ensure an even settlement of the fillings.

Do you make large and long beds, custom sizes or custom shapes?

Hypnos enjoys an international reputation as a manufacturer of bespoke, made-to-measure beds and is able to make larger and longer customised divan sets or indeed a non-standard size of mattress to fit an existing bed frame – typically we can make beds up to 215 x 215 cm (approx. 7’ x 7’) - your local retailer will be able to advise on this. Hypnos can also make special shaped beds, from mattresses with cut-out corners for a four poster bed frame, to curved beds or even tapered V beds to fit into a boats berth.