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Fabric Samples

Recognising that everyone has personal design and style preferences, Hypnos has developed a range of upholstery fabrics that enable headboards and divans to be tailored to the individual and to their interior bedroom decor. Match the divan fabric with the headboard fabric for a striking look. Click on the images to view larger versions or select up to eight fabrics to receive samples.

Bespoke Fabric Service

Hypnos also offers a bespoke fabric service which enables customers to supply their own upholstery fabric allowing unique handcrafted headboards to be made to blend or contrast with the colours, patterns and textures in your bedroom.

Hypnos Fabric Sample Castello 101 Brown 500px

Castello 101 Brown

Hypnos Fabric Sample Castello 800 Charcoal 500px

Castello 800 Charcoal

Hypnos Fabric Sample Castello 802 Mushroom 500px

Castello 802 Mushroom

Hypnos Fabric Sample Cayenne 300 Coral 500px

Cayenne 300 Coral

Hypnos Fabric Sample Cayenne 602 Blue 500px

Cayenne 602 Blue

Hypnos Fabric Sample Cayenne 703 Lilac 500px

Cayenne 703 Lilac

Hypnos Fabric Sample Cayenne 800 Charcoal 500px

Cayenne 800 Charcoal

Hypnos Fabric Sample Cayenne 802 Grey 500px

Cayenne 802 Grey

Hypnos Fabric Sample Cayenne 804 Dove Grey 500px

Cayenne 804 Dove Grey

Hypnos Fabric Sample Cedar 19305 Blue 500px

Cedar 19305 Blue

Hypnos Fabric Sample Cedar 19315 Mint Green 500px

Cedar 19315 Mint Green

Hypnos Fabric Sample Cedar 19319 Grey 500px

Cedar 19319 Grey

Hypnos Fabric Sample Cedar 19325 Natural 500px

Cedar 19325 Natural

Hypnos Fabric Sample Cedar 19329 Teal 500px

Cedar 19329 Teal

Hypnos Fabric Sample Cedar 19330 Orange 500px

Cedar 19330 Orange

Hypnos Fabric Sample Linoso 606 Teal 500px

Linoso 606 Teal

Hypnos Fabric Sample Paris 200 Maroon 500px

Paris 200 Maroon

Hypnos Fabric Sample Shetland 501 Green 500px

Shetland 501 Green

Hypnos Fabric Sample Tweed 400 Mustard 500px

Tweed 400 Mustard

Hypnos Fabric Sample Tweed 601 Dark Green 500px

Tweed 601 Dark Green

Hypnos Fabric Sample Tweed 700 Rose 500px

Tweed 700 Rose

Hypnos Fabric Sample Tweed 801 Charcoal 500px

Tweed 801 Charcoal

Hypnos Fabric Sample Tweed 803 Grey 500px

Tweed 803 Grey

Hypnos Fabric Sample Tweed 805 Stone 500px

Tweed 805 Stone

Hypnos Herringbone Clay Fabric Sample

Herringbone Clay

Hypnos Herringbone Fawn Fabric Sample

Herringbone Fawn

Hypnos Herringbone Grey Fabric Sample

Herringbone Grey

Hypnos Imperio 100 Brown Fabric Sample

Imperio 100 Brown Limited stock available

Hypnos Imperio 102 Chocolate Fabric Sample

Imperio 102 Chocolate

Hypnos Imperio 103 Fawn Fabric Sample

Imperio 103 Fawn Limited stock available

Hypnos Imperio 501 Green Fabric Sample

Imperio 501 Green Limited stock available

Hypnos Imperio 600 Light Grey Fabric Sample

Imperio 600 Light Grey

Hypnos Imperio 601 Purple Fabric Sample

Imperio 601 Purple

Hypnos Imperio 602 Turquoise Fabric Sample

Imperio 602 Turquoise

Hypnos Imperio 604 Blue Fabric Sample

Imperio 604 Blue Limited stock available

Hypnos Imperio 700 Lilac Fabric Sample

Imperio 700 Lilac

Hypnos Imperio 800 Slate Fabric Sample

Imperio 800 Slate Limited stock available

Hypnos Imperio 802 Dark Grey Fabric Sample

Imperio 802 Dark Grey

Hypnos Imperio 805 Grey Fabric Sample

Imperio 805 Grey

Hypnos Imperio 901 Cream Fabric Sample

Imperio 901 Cream

Hypnos Imperio 903 Stone Fabric Sample

Imperio 903 Stone

Hypnos Imperio 904 Biscuit Fabric Sample

Imperio 904 Biscuit

Hypnos Linoso 100 Tan Brown Fabric Sample

Linoso 100 Tan Brown Limited stock available

Hypnos Linoso 200 Red Fabric Sample

Linoso 200 Red

Hypnos Linoso 500 Lemon Fabric Sample

Linoso 500 Lemon

Hypnos Linoso 600 Sky Fabric Sample

Linoso 600 Sky

Hypnos Linoso 602 Blue Fabric Sample

Linoso 602 Blue

Hypnos Linoso 705 Purple Fabric Sample

Linoso 705 Purple

Hypnos Linoso 801 Slate Fabric Sample

Linoso 801 Slate

Hypnos Linoso 802 Charcoal Fabric Sample

Linoso 802 Charcoal Limited stock available

Hypnos Linoso 803 Brown Fabric Sample

Linoso 803 Brown

Hypnos Linoso 804 Grey Fabric Sample

Linoso 804 Grey

Hypnos Linoso 902 Cream Fabric Sample

Linoso 902 Cream

Hypnos Linoso 904 Biscuit Fabric Sample

Linoso 904 Biscuit Limited stock available

Hypnos Linoso 905 Beige Fabric Sample

Linoso 905 Beige

Hypnos Linoso 907 Brown Fabric Sample

Linoso 907 Brown Limited stock available

Hypnos Weave Biscuit Fabric Sample

Weave Biscuit

Hypnos Weave Chocolate Fabric Sample

Weave Chocolate

Hypnos Weave Slate Fabric Sample

Weave Slate

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