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We all have a collective responsibility to improve our environment and do the right thing, minimising our impact wherever we can.

The effects of climate change and pollutants in our local countryside are becoming more noticeable, with fewer insects during the summer months, bees and butterflies less prevalent and those who use our riversHypnos Origin Trademark_Dark_Blue-smallTM.jpg and lakes, aware that ground-water run-off is introducing chemicals from farms and cities, affecting how we enjoy these natural spaces.

Organic farming is one way to encourage better sustainable management of our land and the highest animal welfare standards in the UK. It takes passion, care and planning - and two years of farming organically without pesticides and fertilisers - to gain certified organic status. With the demand for organic growing, these fibres are highly desirable thanks to their purity and reduced environmental impact, and are of limited supply.

Working with trusted partners, Hypnos are sourcing the finest certified organic materials for their mattresses.


Organic farming improves the local environment and biodiversity for the benefit of us all and has the highest animal welfare standards in the world.

Over 40% of our insect species are declining and a third are in danger. On average, birds and insects are 50% more abundant on organic farms.

Organically farmed animals are genuinely free-range and not fed preventative antibiotics or a GM diet. With far lower stocking densities than other farming systems, animals are healthier and happier because of humane and less stressful farming practices. Healthier soils are more resilient to extreme weather conditions and sequest more carbon.

If all Europe’s farmland adopted organic methods, agricultural emissions could drop by 40-50% by 2050. No pesticides or fertilisers are used so the local water table is unaffected, meaning rivers and lakes nearby are not polluted with these chemicals.

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Organic fibres take more time and care to grow and harvest. Flocks are smaller, there are no chemicals, pesticides, fertilisers or GM used. Crops are instead planned and rotated, hedgerows and wild verges are cultivated to create natural balance and biodiversity.

  • Peace silk – is the non-violent way to harvest silk. Unlike normal methods where silk worms are destroyed within their cocoons so the silk can be quickly extracted; peace silk allows silkworms to weave their silk cocoons and then after 10-14 days hatch as a moth. It’s a beautifully soft yet strong fibre which is absorbent and therefore temperature regulating.
  • Organic British lambswool – this fine, softer fibre is from the first fleece of a young sheep, with all the benefits of wool
  • Organic British wool – a resilient natural fibre, known for its including antibacterial and temperature regulating properties making it an ideal fibre for sleep. Organic sheep are farmed in smaller flock sizes, are not fed GM food or preventative antibiotics.
  • The mattress border is upholstered with natural wool and side stitched by hand to the pocket spring unit for added edge support


  • Organic cotton – Light, cool and temperature regulating. Cotton cannot be grown in the UK climate,. Organic cotton is carefully farmed to use less water and is free of pesticides this protects the soil and makes it more resilient to drought. GM and pesticide-free organic farmers use seed from last year's crop ensuring a truly sustainable way to grow cotton that supports farmers year after year.
  • Organic hemp and flax – hemp and flax have been used in bedding and textiles for thousands of years, strong and with powerful drying properties. Requiring minimal water, both crops actively help enrich soil.
  • Natural Talalay latex from FSC cFSC-certified managed rubber plantations in Malaysia. With the consistency of foam this natural fibre is seven times more breathable and extremely resilient. Unlike foam this, product is 100% natural and chemical-free.
  • Woven organic cotton and wool sleep surface –woven in the UK. Naturally fire resistant due to the patented weave.

The Organic Way

The Origins Organic Collection has been made purely from certified organic fibres and materials that meet the highest social and environmental criteria, whilst every process has been carefully considered to preserve the integrity of the collection’s organic status.

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Each Origins Organic mattress within this collection is certified as made with organic materials by The Soil Association complying with the internationally recognised Global Organic Textile Standard. This whole Hypnos mattress collection is certified organic - from the sleep surface to every fibre inside. Many brands claim an organic with just the one fibre within the bed. This pocket sprung mattress is chemical free, and full of just organic wool and plant-based materials.

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Hypnos has led the way for over a decade, becoming the world's first carbon-neutral bed manufacturer.

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Explore our origins dating back to the early 20th century, obtaining a Royal Warrant, up until the present day.

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Since 2022, Hypnos have been endorsed the Eden Project, our wonderful sustainability partner.




Hypnos and the Eden Project have come together to create an exciting long-term partnership. Both place sustainability at the heart of everything they do, seeking to inspire and educate everyone to care for the environment and to make sustainable lifestyle changes, that build a more sustainable future.

Our Sustainability Partner
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