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Harnessing the beauty and potential of plants 

Hypnos have partnered with the Eden Project since 2019, and have an aligned vision on making living sustainably a reality.  We both realise the importance of working partnerships that create opportunities for people and nature in respecting, protecting and repairing our precious planet.

Created in close collaboration, the Eden Project Collection by Hypnos harnesses the natural potential of plants to present three beautifully handcrafted mattresses, full of grown fibres that gently cushion every limb, help to keep the body cool at night, manage moisture and are free from synthetic chemicals.

We source all our fibres responsibly and are confident in their provenance, traceability and certifications. By creatively innovating, plants from the foothills of the Himalayas like allo, silk-like kapok, beautiful fibres made from citrus, banana and pineapple plants, can offer a sustainable way of life for local populations and help them protect their habitats. Eden Project Logo FG R0 G70 B54.png

Many of the plants we use fibres from can be discovered in the Eden Project Biomes in Cornwall, including bamboo, sugar cane, rubber trees, banana and pineapple plants, and even kapok trees!

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The Eden Project

The Eden Project is growing a global movement working with nature to respond to the planetary emergency. This special collection of mattresses helps to generate revenue to support their transformational projects and learning programmes.

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Plant-based materials

Introducing plant-based innovation for greater wellbeing, with breathable fibres made from banana, citrus and pineapple plants, as well as a soft sleep surface infused with seaweed extracts, known to release antioxidants and vitamins to the skin.

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The perfect night’s sleep thanks to artisans with skills passed down through the generations, and Hypnos’ obsession with choosing only the finest natural, ethically sourced materials for their handcrafted mattresses.


Hypnos is one of only a few carefully chosen partners to work with the Eden Project, a unique partnership which champions community support, sustainable living, education and product design.

The Eden Project’s mission is to grow a global movement working with nature to respond to the planetary emergency. Money raised supports transformational projects and learning programmes. Thank you for your support. Registered charity number 1093070 (The Eden Trust).

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Made by Hypnos Ltd. in Buckinghamshire under licence from the Eden Project.  The Eden Project is the registered trademark of The Eden Trust.


The Eden Project

At Hypnos, we want to create true comfort with integrity which is why we only work with the best ethical and sustainable partners who are just as committed to helping combat climate change as we are.

Our responsible approach has always been to make a positive environmental and social impact on the world around us, so we’re incredibly proud to have joined forces with our sustainability partner, the Eden Project.

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