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Our Beds Inspiration Why Hypnos?

Designed with a naturally firmer feel for those who prefer more support for a better night’s sleep.

Hypnos zip and link beds are a versatile bedding system crafted with the same attention to detail and quality as our standard range. Consisting of two separate mattresses, they can be joined together using our zip and link mechanism. Perfect for couples with different firmness preferences, each person can choose a mattress with their desired level of firmness, helping you get a great night's sleep, every night.

The zip and link feature enables the mattresses to be securely connected or detached as needed. This flexibility makes Hypnos zip and link beds ideal for various situations such as guest accommodation, adjustable comfort and easy transportation.

Zip & Link 10 Link Bar [LR]

Convert one bed
into two

Provides the flexibility to split a large bed into two single beds when needed. The divans are discreetly linked at the head and foot of the divan with a chrome link bar, and the mattresses are zipped together along their full length, for easy and fast conversion.

Zip & Link 02 Together [LR]

choose different comfort levels

Because comfort is subjective and a matter of personal choice, there can be no ‘right‘ or ‘wrong’ solutions, hence 'sleeping partners' may not always agree on the same level of comfort. The Hypnos Zip and Link Service enables mattresses with different spring tensions to be joined together to suit the comfort preferences of each sleeping partner.

Zip & Link no GOS close up 7000x7000px [HR]

easy to move,
easy to turn

Another advantage of a zip and link bed is that you can turn and rotate the single mattresses easier, which may prove helpful to older customers as a one piece mattress may prove to be heavy. Equally a zip and link mattress will help where there are initial bedroom 'access' issues when installing the bed e.g. narrow staircase, low ceilings, etc.

Hypnos’ Bed Configurator

At Hypnos we don’t just pride ourselves on creating the perfect night sleep, we want to help you create your perfect nights sleep. Use our technologically advanced bed configurator to create your bespoke sleep expereince.

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Choose your headboard

Buying a new bed, mattress or even a pillow is a major decision. After all, your rest and relaxation are at stake. At Hypnos, we offer a wealth of choices so you can find the optimal mattress to suit your sleeping - and waking - preferences.

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order your free fabric samples

Hypnos recognise that everyone has personal design and style preferences which is why we have developed a range of upholstery fabrics to be tailored to the individual. Choose from jacquard woven fabric and stylish tactile faux suede or faux leather.

Select your samples
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