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At Hypnos, we want to create true comfort with real integrity. We’re so proud to work with dedicated British farmers who are passionate about caring for their sheep and protecting their land for future generations.

We want to be able to guarantee that the wool we use in our mattresses has been grown responsibly, the animals have been looked after and that our British farming communities are fairly rewarded for the beautiful fibre they provide. And thanks to our pioneering partnership with Red Tractor as part of The Woolkeepers initiative, we’re able to tell the story behind the wool used in our mattresses such as the ground-breaking Origins collections.


Meet Our Farmers

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Here we meet Joss Jones, a farmer from Berwick, who provides his wool for our mattresses at Hypnos. With eight years of stock farming experience under his belt, across both the UK and New Zealand, Joss is passionate about his choice in career.

Meet our Wool Farmer, Joss
WoolkeepersR Hypnos Lead Farmer CatherineDuncan6

Meet Duncan
& Catherine

Duncan and Catherine McLaughlin are passionate about all things wool and work hard to ensure that their sheep are looked after well. The McLaughlin family have been farming at Ballabeg in West Perthshire since 1933, with Duncan taking over the reins in 1968.

Meet Duncan & Catherine
georgie meet the farmer


Georgie has been shepherding her flock for over 20 years. She focuses on committing all of her efforts to breeding the best possible stock of Pedigree Poll Dorset sheep, which produce superior quality wool for high-end products including Hypnos mattresses.

Meet our wool farmer Georgie
angus meet the farmer


Angus and his father Daniel manage the running of their family-owned 700-hectare farm. Their passion for farming and analysing how they can improve the land they work on through natural methods drives everything they do.

Meet our wool farmer Angus
Rob meet the farmer


Rob manages a farm in Hertfordshire that is home to a gorgeous flock of 2,500 sheep. Find out how he came to be a wool farmer and why he loves the renewable and sustainable nature of wool.

Meet our wool farmer Rob
Red Tractor Meet The Farmer

WATCH RED TRACTOR's 'How Do THey...? Series

Hypnos are proud to have featured in Red Tractor's ‘How Do They...?’ online video series. Find out how we create our luxurious mattresses from the fluffiest Woolkeepers® wool via Red Tractor assured farms.

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The Origins Story

We believe that the perfect night’s sleep starts by sourcing the finest and sustainable materials and we’re really proud of our long-standing ethical approach to every part of the bed making process. Read all about The Origins Story to discover more about our pioneering relationship with Red Tractor.

Discover the Origins Story
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