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Meet Our Wool Farmer, Rob Hodgkins

At Hypnos we pride ourselves on producing some of the most comfortable and most sustainable beds possible, ensuring we create true comfort with integrity.


Making sure we behave in a way that’s ethically sound and having a positive social impact on the world around us shapes everything we do, whether that’s using only sustainable and natural materials in our beds, being carbon neutral, or making sure that the partners and suppliers we also work with share our values for caring for the environment and the people around us too.

That’s why we’re so proud to work with some fantastic British farmers who are passionate about caring for their sheep and have incredibly high animal welfare standards. Indeed, we want to be able to guarantee that the wool we use in our beds and mattresses has been grown responsibly, the animals have been looked after and the land is well managed, but importantly, that British farming communities are supported. And thanks to our industry-first partnership with Red Tractor we’re able to do just that and to tell you the story of some of the wool used in our beds (such as our ground-breaking Origins collection).

By working with Red Tractor, which is the UK’s biggest farm and food standards scheme, we’re able to use 100% British wool that’s traceable right back to the farm it came from. This includes working with a farm in Hertfordshire which is managed by farmer Rob Hodgkins, who looks after a gorgeous flock of 2,500 sheep. Not only does Rob have a passion for caring for sheep, he’s also invested in the health of his soil and in biodiversity restoration, which restores natural processes in the environment, something we’re big supporters of.

In the first of our ‘meet our farmers’ series we talk to Rob, one of our wool suppliers, about how he came to be a wool farmer, why he loves the renewable and sustainable nature of wool and how he carries out regenerative farming, which is great for the environment. Just hit the play button below to hear all about it.

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