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Reducing our collective impact on the environment is an aim that most of us share. With micro plastics found in the depths of the oceans and worries over the effects of production on society, animal welfare and the environment, it is clear that a 360-degree approach to sustainable sourcing and product life cycles is long overdue.




As one of the founding supporters of ‘Campaign for Wool’, we are passionate about the use of this super fibre within its beds. For over 10 years, we have championed natural fillings, and removed all foam and unsustainable materials from our mattresses and divans as part of our responsible business strategy.

‘Wool Week’ is organised by The Campaign for Wool to celebrate and promote the benefits and uses of this versatile fibre, which is grown across the world. This year, the focus is to support the drive to reduce plastic use, and highlight to consumers the sustainability of wool as an alternative to man-made fibres.

Wool is a natural by-product of the farming industry, biodegradable and naturally antibacterial, but also with unrivalled properties in heat and moisture management - a true natural super fibre ideal for wearing and sleeping on!

Wool is already part of the Hypnos DNA when it comes to mattresses, so our focus has been on buying the right kind of wool - for optimum performance, cleanliness and quality, and looking into how the supply chain works.

We want to be able to guarantee that the wool we buy has been grown responsibly, the animals have been looked after and the land well managed, but importantly that British farming communities are supported. Our exclusive relationship with Red Tractor is an industry first, and assures the next step of our evolution with 100% British Wool that’s traceable to the farm.

This certification means that every part of our supply chain from a Red Tractor assured farm onwards is robustly audited, from the collection, washing and combing of the wool, to going into a carefully handcrafted Hypnos mattress.

Red Tractor, the UK’s biggest farm and food standards scheme, now provide us with a recognisable industry standard for traceable wool, that’s understood and valued by consumers, and by which farmers can be benchmarked and paid a premium price for. In fact, we have now committed to buying wool from selected Red Tractor assured British farmers in advance for our wool, so that the farmers can better understand their revenues and invest in a more sustainable and reliable future.