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Meet Natalie Pennicotte-Collier, our resident sleep and wellbeing specialist

Here at Hypnos we take sleep incredibly seriously, after all it keeps us healthy, charges our mind and body and ensures we’re happy and content.


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As well as making comfy beds to give you the best night’s sleep, we also work closely with our resident sleep specialist, Natalie Pennicotte-Collier [MSC, MBCT, D.CHyp, MNCH, DHybKG, Reg CNHC], to offer advice on how you can improve all aspects of your sleep. So whether you’re a new parent looking for some extra time to snooze, or are working full-time and juggling a demanding lifestyle, you can get some information on how you might be able to doze off a little easier and optimise your wellbeing through the power of sleep.

Natalie, who is a clinical hypnotherapist and mindful expert specialising in sleep, wellbeing and mental health, has over 10 years’ experience dedicated to understanding the human nervous system and how we can harness the power of the mind to enhance sleep, performance and wellbeing. She is also an in-demand performance coach and one of the few integrative therapists working across elite sport, where she provides consultation from her London clinic.

Backed by Hypnos’ expertise in creating beds for the finest homes and palaces around the world, Natalie will bring her knowledge and experience of working with families, parents and GB athletes, to offer mindful sleep solutions. And as a working mother, partner and carer to two young children, she is no stranger to an active lifestyle and how important quality sleep and rest is in keeping everyone in good health.