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Q&A with Jessica Mason from Piglet

In addition to our Christmas competition with Piglet, we talk to Jessica Mason, Founder of Piglet to get her thoughts on the importance of sustainability and why the brand has been so inspired by Hypnos.


Piglet was founded in 2017 as a direct-to-consumer e-commerce brand delivering stonewashed natural linen bedding. Since then, the company has achieved exponential growth and expanded into sleepwear too.


How important is sustainability to your brand and why do you think both Hypnos and Piglet are so aligned?
Finding ways to make the production, packaging and transportation of our products more sustainable is really important to all of us as a company. We have started in this direction by focusing entirely on linen which is farmed more sustainably than most other materials and by using recycled and plastic-free packaging.

We have long admired the values and long-term approach that Hypnos has dedicated to this area, it was one of the earliest brands to take sustainability seriously and incorporate it into its brand identity. We are especially excited about the company’s use of 100% British wool that’s traceable right back to Red Tractor assured farms, and traceability is something we are keen to explore further ourselves at Piglet.


What’s so good about linen and how is it made?

Linen is made from the flax plant which is mostly farmed in small batches and is much less dependent on the use of pesticides than many other crops. This kind of less intensive farming combined with the flax plant's long root system is fantastic for the soil health and for avoiding soil erosion too.

The linen produced is extremely durable and has the benefit of becoming softer and softer with use; perfect for producing bedding and sleepwear.


Why are natural fibres ideal for sleeping? What’s the benefit over man-made fibres?

Linen's naturally long fibres are the key to why it helps with sleep quality so effectively. These long fibres are extremely moisture absorbent and breathable: two qualities that work well together to ensure that our body temperature stays very consistent throughout the night which provides us with a deep, uninterrupted sleep.


What’s your favourite Piglet product and why?

I always get really excited about our newest products and getting to see all the different ways our customers style these in their homes on Instagram is one of my favourite parts of running the business. At the moment my favourite products are the new cream and oatmeal throws that most capture my imagination! That being said the product I couldn't live without is our fitted sheets. I have become so used to sleeping on linen that I miss it terribly when I am staying in hotels for work.


If you could choose any Hypnos product, what would it be and what Piglet bedding would you choose to match?

It would have to be the new Origins Collection range, using both 100% British traceable wool from Red Tractor assured farms, and sustainably sourced cotton. With this collection, you get a sustainable, yet beautiful range of superb quality mattresses that would be paired perfectly with one of our Bedtime Bundles – the ultimate duo in natural comfort!


How important do you think sustainability will be for brands as we go forward into 2020?

As technology and production methods improve, bands must take an ‘always on’ approach to sustainability to ensure they constantly evaluate and improve in this area. Not only is this vital for the planet, but consumers are now taking this into the decision-making process when deciding where to shop. Products that are produced and distributed sustainably and that will last for many years are the future.

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