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Bedroom summer trends

Samantha Parish, interior design account manager at Hypnos, comments on the latest summer bedrooms trends:



Blue/White coastal feel

“Blue has very much been the colour of the moment, and our fondness for the serene hue looks set to continue. Great for creating a sense of peace and tranquillity, this colour can work wonders in any space, as the wide spectrum of shades works harmoniously together.

Raw materials such as exposed wood and rattan are the perfect accessories to help create a subtle coastal, beach style haven in the bedroom. By using cool blue shades with natural textures, you can easily create a fresh, relaxed space that will make every day feel like a summer holiday.”



“Perfect for those looking for an elegant and stylish bedroom interior, monochrome is a timeless trend that will never go out of style. Black and white colour schemes don’t have to focus on solid blocks of colour, in fact, it’s the perfect way for homeowners to experiment with patterns, geometrics and texture in the bedroom.

This classic colour combination always has more impact when you add a third accent colour. Adding complimenting shades of lilac or blush pink, whether it’s through statement pieces of furniture such as a headboard or luxe armchair, or simple accessories like throws and cushions, is a great way to add extra interest and a touch of femininity.”


Sunshine shades

“Taking inspiration from the hot weather, more people are looking to their interiors to create their very own summer sanctuary. Statement colours can create a truly stylish bedroom and, when used in the right way, still maintain a relaxing ambience. Combine splashes of colour, such as bright sunshine yellow or deep citrus orange, with neutral white to keep the look light, fresh and contemporary, but remember to think bold and be brave with your colour choices to really make the look your own.”



“Embracing the trend of bringing the outdoors in, botanical design has grown significantly in the interiors sector.

Lending itself to the ideal summertime colour palette, homeowners can take inspiration from the finest florals and foliage within their garden and recreate the leafy freshness of the green tones within their home.



Use invigorating new-leaf hues and deep forest green or mossy tones for a nature-inspired look. On-trend botanical motifs, incorporated with luscious greens will establish a connection between the inside and the great outdoors, creating a summer haven in the bedroom.”


Neutral tones

“Often the hub for relaxation and a place for homeowners to switch off, the bedroom is the ideal place to use neutral colours, creating the ultimate sanctuary for sleep. The combination of muted tones makes for a contemporary and romantic setting that can help to complement the natural lighting of the summer months.

The beauty of this trend is that it allows the homeowner to have fun with their interiors - a calm backdrop allows you to bring out some bold accessories or furniture into your design that may otherwise look garish.”