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Prioritise your sleep: Why size matters!

Here at Hypnos, we've been supplying supremely comfortable handmade British mattresses to the finest homes and hotels for over a century, so we know a thing or two when it comes to mattresses and sleep.

For anyone looking to buy a new bed, here are some interesting points to consider when choosing your mattress size...




1. What are the main differences between a 'queen' and a 'king' mattress? Are there specific size differences/ shapes?

“When looking to purchase a new bed or mattress, you must first consider its size. Beds that are too small for you can really affect the quality of your sleep, whilst a larger bed may present some challenges depending on ease of accessibility to your house.

“In Britain, Single, Double, King, Super King, and Emperor sizes are most common, but each mattress size may differ depending on the brand and country of origin. A ‘Queen’ size mattress is more commonly found in America and is a close equivalent to a UK ‘King’ size mattress in the UK (150cm X 200cm). A British ‘Super King’ (180cm x 200cm) is similar to a ‘King’ size mattress in the USA.”

“The terminology for mattress sizes differ across Britain, Europe, and America so it is crucial when choosing a new bed frame, mattress, duvet, or bed linen that you double check sizes first before purchasing.”

2. What type/age of person would each suit?

“Having the space to get settled and sleep uninterrupted is universally key for everyone. You should feel supported across the whole width of the bed and be able to move freely. And, if you share your bed, this is even more important so you can minimise disturbing each other.

“A classic single bed is perfect for solo adult sleepers and older children. It is typically 90cm x 190cm and is great for a smaller bedroom as it leaves plenty of floor space free.

“A standard double mattress size offers just enough space for couples at 135cm x 190cm, so each person has just 67cm of space, which is actually smaller than a standard single bed. So, if you enjoy your space or are broader or taller it is definitely worth upgrading to a larger size mattress.

“If you like to stretch out a little more, a King-sized mattress could be a good fit as, at 150cm x 200cm, it provides extra room both lengthways and across. It is also one of the most popular sizes sold in the UK.

“Offering couples the opportunity to truly spread out and delight in luxurious personal space, a Super King mattress, which is 180cm x 200cm, allows for the same amount of space as a single bed per person to offer uninterrupted comfort.

“Finally, the Emperor mattress is the largest standard mattress size in the UK at 200 x 200cm. An Emperor bed is ideal for those who are looking to sleep in true luxury. It not only creates a grand visual statement, but it also allows you to relax, stretch out, and sleep in an unrivalled amount of space.

“At Hypnos, as every mattress is handmade to order, we can craft mattresses to fit bespoke commissions, including four posters and antique furniture. We have a range of sustainably designed mattresses in a variety of sizes that are guaranteed to help you drift off and achieve a comfortable night’s sleep.”

3. Is there a price difference?

“Sleep is pivotal to our health, both physically and mentally, so mattresses are a positive investment in your wellbeing. It’s recommended that you change your mattress every seven years, so finding the right perfect mattress once rather than purchasing a new one multiple times over within that period makes better financial sense.

Hypnos mattresses are designed to be recyclable and are guaranteed for 10 years, so this also helps minimise waste and impact on the environment.