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The Topaz Extra Firm conforms to the nuances of your body. The natural corn fiber and New Zealand wool will provide a feel that is like no other. The natural fillings are built to envelop the body for a relaxing sleep.

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  • The Q-Spring coil design introduces a new level of bedding comfort by utilizing more “working wire” and an unprecedented coil count.
  • The fabric encased working wire flexes, responds and supports all body types, weights and shapes. By taking advantage of fine wire’s unique qualities, the process achieves an unprecedented level of comfort and support.
  • Densified corn fiber support pad provides optimal mattress support while maintaining the use of natural sustainable materials, eliminating the need for polyurethane foam.
  • Surrounding the comfort and support layers, the natural cotton batting is breathable, helping to regulate body temperature and heart rate. It also provides a soft support, excellent moisture absorption and wicking properties.
  • 100% natural New Zealand provides temperature and moisture management properties as well as provides mini spring capabilities through its elasticity, staple and crimp capabilities.
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