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Handcrafted using superior materials, the Laurel Firm is designed to provide comfort and support for every body type. Natural, exotic fibers and pocketed micro coils provide maximum support and ultimate comfort all night long.

Each and every luxury mattress is meticulously hand built to bring you comfort, relaxation and pleasure. You will never own a more comfortable and more beautiful bed.

Why not assure your comfort and luxury right down to the last detail, with our range of design options.

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  • New Zealand Wool and Cashmere Blend – These materials naturally regulate temperature and wick away moisture. We add the perfect blend of these two natural fibers to the quilt to keep you comfortable, cool and dry.
  • Natural Latex - OKEO-TEX® certified, hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites, mold and mildew, natural latex gently lifts your body, conforms to your unique shape and distributes weight evenly. Natural latex is the ultimate pressure relieving material.
  • Natural Cotton & Wool Fiber Blend - Lightweight, natural cotton is hypoallergenic, recyclable, and biodegradable. It keeps your sleeping environment fresh without the use of chemicals, while wool helps wick heat and moisture away from your body.
  • Horse Hair Fiber - Naturally resilient horse hair is a long, large-diameter fiber which is heat crimped to create additional spring-like recovery. This, along with outstanding humidity control, make it an excellent base for the fiber build-up.
  • 1215 Steel-Encased 13.75-Guage Pocket Spring - The high-density coil construction offers a firmer, deep-down support, more airflow, and ensures optimum support across the surface for proper spinal alignment.
  • Recycled Densified Fiber Pad - The recycled densified fiber pad is made from 60% recycled bottles and provides optimal mattress support.
  • 1872 Pocketed Micro Coils - The micro coils instantly conform to your body to reduce body impressions, provide maximum support and maintain ultimate comfort for you all night long.

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