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Bed buying advice

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Buying a new bed and mattress is a major decision. After all, your rest and relaxation are at stake. At Hypnos, we offer a wealth of choices so you can find the optimal mattress to suit your sleeping - and waking - preferences.

Every mattress in every Hypnos collection is perfectly crafted and lovingly designed with someone’s comfort in mind. But which one is the perfect match for you?

There’s no substitute for visiting a retailer and trying out the beds in their showroom. The way it feels to lie and turn on the mattress is crucial. People enjoy different amounts of softness and firmness and it’s impossible to find your ideal off the page of a brochure or website.

Mattress comfort comes from the materials it’s filled with and the springs that provide support. The more turns there are in a spring, the more responsive and supportive it will be. More springs in a mattress create a more uniform level of support. It makes sense - if there are big gaps between springs, the mattress loses consistency and can feel bumpy.

When it comes to mattress upholstery, we only use natural, sustainable materials. But different combinations create a range of sensations when you lie on the mattress. Cashmere, wool, silk or alpaca are luxurious, soft materials that we combine to produce different mattress densities. Natural latex is a high performance, temperature regulating material that can help keep you cool while you sleep.

If you suffer from allergies, some mattress fillings are hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites, such as wool and latex.

Side stitching is another important feature of a quality mattress. We hand-stitch all our mattresses with up to three rows of stitching, for total edge-to-edge support. We also hand-tuft our mattresses, for lasting mattress performance and comfort. That means our skilled workers manually insert tufts of filling to create a perfectly consistent level of support.

We recommend visiting one of our specialist retail outlets to try several Hypnos mattresses and compare the sensation. The team really know their beds, so they can advise and help you choose the perfect mattress for your dream night’s sleep.

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