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British, traceable and farmed with care

Comfort with integrity™

We believe that the perfect night’s sleep starts by sourcing the finest and sustainable materials and we’re really proud of our long-standing ethical approach to every part of the bed making process.

Wool is an ideal material for mattresses for encouraging better sleep; it’s comfortable and naturally regulates body temperature, but it’s also fully biodegradable. We wanted to find a fully traceable and ethical way to buy our wool, making sure it was British, responsibly farmed and farmers were fairly paid.

Our pioneering relationship with Red Tractor is an industry first with the aim to source 100% British wool that’s 100% traceable to the farm.Red Tractor standards cover the full farm supply chain including animal welfare, traceability and environmental protection.

But our approach extends much further, Hypnos has committed to paying a fair price to farmers, promptly and upfront so they can invest with confidence in a more sustainable and reliable future.

Every part of the supply chain is robustly audited too.From the collection, washing and combing of the wool to it’s delivery to our factory in Buckinghamshire where it becomes an integral part of a carefully crafted Hypnos mattress.

With up to 8 sheep fleeces in one mattress, wake up on a Hypnos bed and feel good for all the right reasons!

'We value the farmers, places and animals that help to supply our materials'


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