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Choosing the correct bed base

Your bed is usually the largest piece of furniture in any bedroom, so will naturally be at the heart of the room's design. The base, alongside the headboard, is central to the bed's look, but did you know the base is key to the comfort and performance of your mattress?

Types of bases available are:
- Bedsteads and frames, made from metal or wood and can be upholstered. The mattress normally sits on slats or on a bedboard.
- Divans which are are upholstered pieces of crafted furniture and offer the option of storage and sprung support.


Hypnos handcrafts high-quality divan bed bases. A high-quality divan base offers an important foundation for your mattress and can affect its feel, performance and longevity. This elegant piece of furniture is handcrafted from FSC® timber and then upholstered. Hypnos offers both 'sprung' or 'platform top' divans - platform top divans provide a highly supportive base for a firmer feel, whilst a sprung base is designed with springs to work in harmony with the mattress to provide a more medium feel.

Divan beds are typically made up of two supportive bases, held securely together with brackets. Deep divan bases can provide valuable storage to suit the needs of the bedroom. Just like a deep base, a shallow divan features either a sprung or platform top base, however it achieves a light simple style complemented by elegant leg choices. The Hypnos HideAway™ and SuperStorage™ are all platform top bases and offer unique ways of making the most of all the storage space under your mattress.

Deep Divan Base

Choose a traditional deep divan base with chrome castors as standard. A deep divan can also include practical hidden storage.

Boho Luxe Inspiration 2 350

Shallow Divan Base

A modern 'floating' shallow divan base has longer 'stand-out' legs, providing a contemporary ‘bedstead’ appearance.

Pillow top Astral Banner 350

Platform Top Divan Beds

Platform top divan beds feature a solid top which adds a firmer feel to your mattress. This is helpful for users who require a firmer bed for extra support.

Hypnos Divan Base Solid Top

Firm Edge Divan Beds

For extra comfort and support right up to the edge of the bed, with pocket springs covering the sleeping area, but with a timber outer edge.

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Hypnos Divan Base Firm Edge new

Ottoman Beds

Ottoman beds are the ultimate in storage solutions. The bed itself operates on hinges that allow you to lift a mattress without disturbing the sheets or pillows. Underneath there is a hidden storage compartment that covers the entire bed, this can be configured as one large space or split up into a few smaller ones.

By having a large storage compartment hidden away under your bed, you have more space in your bedroom with a lot less clutter. The items you can store in the ottoman are endless, as long as they are no higher than the base of the bed. Options include extra pillows, sheets, duvets, spare clothes, and many more.

Our Storage BEDS

The SuperStorage™ base provides the ultimate storage solution with a hinged divan base, allowing you to use the entire space for storage, while the Hideaway™ base allows you to use the whole of the underside of your divan for storing items, concealing them behind upholstered valances which cover the full height of the divan base.

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SuperStorage spotlight sm

Visit your nearest Hypnos retailer today and find your perfect bed.

The best way to see if a bed is truly suited to you is by seeing it for yourself. Hypnos have retailers all over the UK with expert staff to help you make the right choice.


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