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How to choose a bed type

Your bed is usually the largest thing in your bedroom, so will naturally draw the most attention. Because of this, your bed must match your overall design. To ensure you choose the right bed for you, you first need to know what types of bed are available to you.

Divan Beds

The most popular, yet simplest bed design around is the Divan bed. Made up of two bases held together with a bracket, Divan beds usually come with added storage options underneath. The look is then completed with a matching headboard.

There are two types of Divan bed, each option alters the bed slightly improving durability or overall comfort.

Sprung Edge Divan Beds

The sprung edge is the standard divan type, which features pocket springs to provide a cushioned support for the mattress which prolongs product lifetime.

Hypnos Divan Base Sprung Edge

Platform Top Divan Beds

Platform top divan beds feature a solid top which adds a firmer feel to your mattress. This is helpful for users who require a firmer bed for extra support.

The Divan bed comes in a range of colours, fabrics, and designs. This, accompanied with the range of sizes available makes it a fantastic choice for any stylish bedroom. Hypnos has a wide range of Divan beds available, find out more today or visit your local Hypnos retailer for more information.

Hypnos Divan Base Solid Top

Ottoman Beds

Ottoman beds are the ultimate in storage solutions. The bed itself operates on hinges that allow you to lift a mattress without disturbing the sheets or pillows. Underneath there is a hidden storage compartment that covers the entire bed, this can be configured as one large space or split up into a few smaller ones.

By having a large storage compartment hidden away under your bed, you have more space in your bedroom with a lot less clutter. The items you can store in the ottoman are endless, as long as they are no higher than the base of the bed. Options include extra pillows, sheets, duvets, spare clothes, and many more.


Our SuperStorage™ Base provides the ultimate storage solution. Simply lift up the top of the bed base, which is hinged, allowing you to use the entire divan base for storage.SuperStorage™

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SuperStorage spotligjt

Sleigh Beds

A sleigh bed is a large bed that utilises rounded edges to give a soft and luxurious design that can be likened to a traditional sleigh. The bed usually incorporates a large, curved headboard and a footboard that follows the same design.

Sleigh beds stand on four feet and utilise large side panels to complete the look. This means there is less space for storage within the bed, save for very small or flat items. However, the sleigh bed is made for stylish impact rather than convenient space.

The Bestead Collection

You can choose any Hypnos mattress from any collection to use on your new bedstead or bed frame. Sleep deeply and wake peacefully in style and comfort.

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Bedstead CTA

Upholstered Beds

An upholstered bed is essentially a standard bed that is covered in a soft and cushioned material. The styles differ from bed to bed, but headboards can have subtle features including buttons or seams fixed deep into the material. The soft design and materials used in upholstered beds offer a warm and cosy feel.

Upholstered beds usually have a softer look than divan or ottoman beds, focussing on curves and plush cushioning to achieve the desired style. Materials can range from luxury silk to stylish leather, with the colours changing to suit your tastes.

Our Beds

Carefully curated bed collections for your ultimate well-being. With over 100 years' experience of handcrafting beds means you can trust us to offer collections that suit your preferences for sleep and relaxation and to complement your home's decor.

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Choosing Your Bed Type

Choosing the right bed ensures a complete and perfect bedroom design. By looking through the various pros and cons, you will find a bed type that will fit perfectly.

The best way to see if a bed is truly suited to you is by seeing it for yourself. Hypnos have retailers all over the UK with expert staff to help you make the right choice. Find your nearest Hypnos retailer today and find your perfect bed.

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