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Compare Hypnos Beds

With over 100 years' experience of handcrafting beds means you can trust us to offer collections that suit your preferences for sleep and relaxation and to complement your home's decor.

Select 3 products and click compare to view the product specification side-by-side. There’s a Hypnos bed for everybody.

Hypnos Regency Sandringham Carousel 011

Sandringham Sublime


Enjoy deep relaxation with intelligent pocket springs and naturally soft and breathable layers of organic wool and camel hair upholstery for the optimum overnight temperature.

Hypnos Royal Sovereign Carousel 016


Royal Comfort

Sumptuous luxury, hand crafted with the finest all-natural materials for a peerless sleeping experience. A magnificent mattress in both design and function.

Hypnos Royal Eminence Carousel 008


Royal Comfort

Exquisite in form and hand-built artistry, this mattress offers superb comfort and temperature control through our expert blend of breathable latex and natural fibres.

Hypnos Regency Hampton Carousel 007

Hampton Sublime


Wool, hair, bamboo yarn and luxurious cashmere make for a fresh and comfortable rest, whether the season is warm or cold.

Hypnos Regency Clarence Carousel 009

Clarence Sublime


Luxurious, top quality pocket sprung mattress with naturally soft and breathable layers of pashmina, organic wool, bamboo yarn and alpaca for breathability and blissful sleep comfort.

Hypnos Regency St.James Carousel 004

St. James Sublime


Upholstered with naturally soft and breathable layers of wool, luxurious cashmere and alpaca, to help regulate body temperature and reward you with a refreshing night’s sleep.

Natural Serenity Half Dressed Carousel



A blend of cashmere, camel hair and mohair creates a supportive and snug mattress to enhance your rest and relaxation.

Hypnos Aspen Natural Supreme 600x400

Aspen Natural Supreme

Natural Comfort

Enjoy blissful relief from pressure with our three-zoned pocket spring system, topped by a sumptuous and naturally soft blend of wool, silk and luxuriously soft and fluffy fleece wool.

Hypnos Regal Signature Carousel 02



Luxuriously upholstered with naturally soft and breathable layers of cashmere, pashmina, grey hair, British wool, bamboo and silk.

Hypnos Natural Comfort Willow carousel  (4)

Willow Natural Sublime

Natural Comfort

Truly the most luxurious mattress in the Natural Comfort Collection, with sumptuously-soft and generous layers of wool, silk and Alpaca.

Hypnos Maple Natural Superb 600x400

Maple Natural Superb

Natural Comfort

This finely tailored mattress contains multiple layers of horsetail, wool and cashmere for a soft and responsive comfort.

Hypnos Natural Comfort Hazel Deluxe carousel (4)

Hazel Natural Deluxe

Natural Comfort

Simple luxury and comfort from the Hypnos ReActive™ eight-turn zoned pocket spring system. This mattress is lovingly crafted and stuffed with generous layers of traditional wool.

Colour Clash semi dressed Carousel

Orthos Elite Alpaca

Orthos Support

Ultimate luxury and support with the ReActive™ 9 pocket spring system in firm or extra firm comfort level. Generously upholstered with naturally soft and breathable layers of alpaca, wool, cotton, and Solotex™, which help regulate body temperature.

Urban Luxe Banner

Orthos Elite Cashmere

Orthos Support

Beautifully tailored with cashmere, wool, cotton and Solotex™, this mattress offers firm or extra firm support with the patented ReActive™ nine-turn pocket spring system.

Hypnos Affinity Silk banner

Orthos Elite Silk

Affinity, Orthos Support

Choose this silk and wool upholstered mattress in firm or extra firm tensions. Breathable, fresh and supportive, it features our responsive ReActive™ eight-turn pocket system.

Hypnos Orthos Elite Wool naked

Orthos Elite Wool

Affinity, Orthos Support

Simply supportive with inbuilt comfort and firmness, naturally soft and breathable wool complements the ReActive™ seven-turn pocket spring system, either firm or extra firm.

Pillow Top Astral Carousel 1

Pillow Top Astral

Pillow Top

The pillow top Astral boasts a sumptuously soft layer of cotton, wool and Solotex™ together with Adaptiv™ springs, which sense and flex to your shape.

Hypnos Pillow Top Stellar 600x400

Pillow Top Stellar

Pillow Top

The pillow top Stellar combines a soft layers of cotton, wool, natural Talalay latex and Solotex™, together with Adaptiv™ springs, which sense and flex to your shape.

Celestial Carousel 1

Pillow Top Celestial

Pillow Top

The Pillow Top Celestial has a sumptuously soft and cushioning layer of wool, natural Talalay latex and Solotex™ together with Adaptiv™ springs, which sense and flex to your shape.

Hypnos Luxury No Turn Deluxe carousel  (1)

Luxury No Turn Deluxe

Luxury No Turn

Breathable layers of latex, wool and Solotex™ Luxury cushioning are built up to create this durable, comfortable mattress. It’s sprung with our supportive ReActive™ six-turn pocket spring system.

Hypnos Luxury No Turn Supreme carousel (3)

Luxury No Turn Supreme

Luxury No Turn

Wool, cashmere latex and Solotex™ Luxury cushioning plus the ReActive™ seven-turn pocket spring system offer an excellent combination of softness and support for a truly restful sleep.

Hypnos Luxury No Turn Superb Carousel (1)

Luxury No Turn Superb

Luxury No Turn

The ReActive™ eight-turn pocket spring system provides total spinal and body support for all over comfort, all night long. Luxuriously upholstered with wool, alpaca, latex and Solotex™ Luxury cushioning.

Hypnos Emotion Half Dressed 02 [HR]


E-Motion Adjustable

Fully adjustable to ensure a perfect night's sleep, every night

Hypnos Emotion Plus Half Dressed 01 [HR]

E-Motion Plus

E-Motion Adjustable

Fully adjustable and operated from a sleek wireless controller, getting a perfect night's sleep has never been easier

Aurora Carousel 4

Pillow Top Aurora

Pillow Top

The Pillow Top Aurora provides a sumptuously soft and breathable cushion of wool above the supportive mattress. Featuring patented 37.5® active technology it helps keep the body temperature to stay in the perfect comfort zone for the most comfortable night’s sleep.


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