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Choosing the right bed size

When looking to purchase a new bed or mattress, you must always take into account the size and shape. Beds that are too small will literally leave you with cold feet, beds that are too big may not fit your frame or leave no space in your bedroom.

What to take into account

When choosing a new bed, there are a few considerations to think about before making a purchase. Buying a bed without taking the following into account could leave you unhappy with your new bed, causing you to start again.

Before you invest in your bed, Hypnos recommends asking yourself the following;

How much space do I need?

  • How tall are you? If you are slightly taller than average you may need to think about a bed with extra legroom to ensure you don't get cold feet. A king size bed is 10cm longer than a double bed.
  • Is the bed for one or two people? If it just for one at the moment, will it be for two in the future?
  • Is the bed for a child? Children tend to grow out their beds, so how long will your child fit in their current bed?

How much space do I have?

When purchasing a new bed, you may be thinking about upscaling and purchasing a bigger size. Having a larger bed has many perks, including more space to sleep in when sharing. Unfortunately, you may not have space in your bedroom to size up, so you should always do some checks before purchasing.

  • Do you have extra width?
  • Do you have extra height?
  • Do you need a storage compartment?

Will I need to purchase a new frame?

When buying a new mattress, you need to think about your current frame. Bed sizes are made to ift a UK standard, but upsizing your mattress means purchasing a new frame to fit it.

If you are purchasing a frame, it is good to remember that all UK bed and frame sizes match. By that, we mean that a double mattress will always fit a double frame. There is no need to factor this part into purchasing if you are buying a Divan bed as it is an all-in-one solution.

Choosing Your Bed Size...

Choosing the right bed size ensures a high quality sleep. By looking through the various pros and cons, you will find a bed that ensures a good nights rest. The best way to see if a bed size is truly suited to you is by testing it out yourself. Hypnos have retailers all over the UK with expert staff to help you make the right choice. Find your nearest Hypnos retailer today and find your perfect bed.


75 x 190 cm.

Small single mattresses are made to fit smaller bedrooms, or for smaller children.

3'0 Single

90 x 190 cm,

The classic mattress size for the solo sleeper. Single mattresses are the perfect size for adults and older children.

4'6 Double

135 x 190 cm.

The UK standard for duo sleepers. The double mattress bed size offers the minimum space necessary for couples, or extra space for solo sleepers.

5'0 KING

150cm X 200cm.

King size mattresses offer extra space for couples in height and length, allowing you to stretch out in comfort.


180cm X 200cm.

The super king size mattress gives couples extended luxury, allowing both users to stretch out for an uninterrupted sleep.


200cm X 200cm.

Emporer size mattresses are the larget standard UK sizes, and ensure couples the most amount of luxury available.


A tailor-made size

Any bed shape or size or a special mattress to fit a bed frame, even a period four poster bed frame.


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