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COVID-19 Update - January 2021

  • Coronavirus
  • COVID-19

Despite the tighter Covid-19 lockdown restrictions and the call for everyone to stay at home wherever possible, I can confirm that Hypnos’ workshops remain open for business with all our manufacturing and delivery teams continuing to work.

The health, safety and wellbeing of our employees, customers and suppliers is our number one priority, and we continue to efficiently manufacture and operate with optimised PPE and social distancing working practices and with robust safety and hygiene standards to ensure our employees work safely but feel safe too.

Many of our national and independent retailers are only operating online at this time. Indeed, during these unprecedented times, we encourage our customers to consider shopping online in the safe confines of their own home. Unfortunately, Hypnos’ showrooms at both Princes Risborough and Castle Donington are currently closed until further notice.

We know that it’s more important than ever that you and your family sleep well, as sleep is proven to help your physical and mental health, and a comfortable bed is the foundation of a good night’s sleep. We naturally believe that investing in a sustainable-designed mattress that uses natural, sustainable, recyclable and traceable materials is absolutely the right thing to do for our planet.

Inevitably, with so much demand for our mattresses, coupled with the uncertainty from Covid-19 and Brexit on the lead times of some of our raw materials, it is taking longer to craft and deliver mattresses and beds to our retailers.

Please continue to take inspiration from our website, and seek advice from our retailers whose online teams remain able to assist you and to take your order.

Should you have any queries about an existing order, please contact the retailer you purchased it from, whose customer service teams remain contactable by phone during lockdown. Please keep in mind that it might take a little longer for them to respond to you than normal and that we appreciate your patience during this challenging time.

Please continue to take care and stay safe.

On behalf of The Hypnos Family

James Keen - Chief Executive Officer


How are you keeping your employees safe?

We have completed risk assessments for all areas of our business to reduce the transmission of the virus. As part of many measures, we have increased cleaning schedules and new work methods to protect our teams. Our robust safety and hygiene standards include all colleagues on site wearing PPE, such as face masks, face shields and gloves, and dedicated hand sanitiser stations spread throughout our site. All staff, and any visitors (if they must attend site), follow a scheduled arrival procedure where everyone has their temperature taken through contactless methods to prevent the spread of the virus.

Our health and safety teams have this under regular review with the official guidance.

What is the impact from COVID 19 on your production?

Every one of our beautiful mattresses and beds have been designed for sleep comfort and are handcrafted to order, incorporating specialist springs, dedicated fillings, and sometimes bespoke sizes and shapes.

At Hypnos we do all we can to source our materials in the UK, for example our truly traceable wool from a partnership with Red Tractor assured farms. We are extremely proud to be supporting our British farmers during what is a uniquely challenging time. However, global supply chains for steel and other materials have been disrupted and impacted by fresh demands from across the world, which in turn affects production in the UK.

As a result, this is taking a little time to adjust and recover and where delays occur, we will let our retail partners know as soon as possible, so they in turn can let you know. We thank you for your understanding and patience here.

My Hypnos mattress/bed is on order with my retailer but I have a question, what should I do?

All of our retail partners are in touch with us regularly and have extensive mattress and bed industry experience, and trained about Hypnos, our materials, and our specialist handcrafted mattresses and beds. Your chosen retailer should be able to answer any questions about the bed, your order and any queries around delivery. We would recommend that you contact them in the first instance as they understand what you are looking for and will have to hand all the details about your order.

My Hypnos mattress/bed is due to be delivered but I am self-isolating, what should I do?

We would recommend that you speak to your retailer so they can notify their delivery driver – they may be able to deliver to your doorstep but due to current circumstances and for safety reasons, it maybe they are unable to deliver your order to the required room.

I have a query about my newly arrived Hypnos mattress/bed who should I contact?

We have developed a helpful care guide that should be delivered with your Hypnos mattress or bed and contains lots of useful advice and information. This explains how to set up your mattress, what to expect and the ongoing care of your mattress too. For any other queries, please contact your retailer as they will have all the details about your order to hand and are able to give knowledgeable advice. If there is something that they cannot answer or feel unsure of, they will contact Hypnos on your behalf to resolve.


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